Kedarkantha Trek from Delhi – How to Reach?

Kedarkantha Trek from Delhi is a beautiful trekking destination in the Himalayas that is perfect for beginners. The trek is named after Lord Shiva, who is said to have first tried to meditate at the peak but was prevented by a running bull. As a result, he moved to another location, which is now known as the famed temple of Lord Shiva, known as “Kedarnath.”

The Pandavas from the Mahabharata are also believed to have travelled to the Himalayan region to seek Lord Shiva’s blessing. However, to avoid Bheem, Lord Shiva assumed the form of a bull. But when Bheem recognized him, he began to pursue him. Lord Shiva then hid underground and released his body parts in haste to emerge.

Because his throat broke at the summit of Kedarkantha, the Himalayan mountain bears the name “Kedarkantha” (Kantha = throat in Hindi). The trek is popular among trekkers for its stunning views of the Himalayas and its beginner-friendly terrain. Plus, the mythological history adds a unique twist to the trekking experience.

In terms of itinerary, the Kedarkantha trek usually takes 4-5 days to complete, starting from Delhi and reaching the summit at 12,500 feet. On the way, trekkers can expect to pass through dense forests filled with pine trees, frozen lakes, and snow-capped peaks.

No prior trekking experience is required for this trek, making it a perfect option for first-time trekkers. However, basic fitness levels and acclimatization to high altitudes are necessary.

Kedarkantha Trek from Delhi

How to Reach from Delhi to Kedarkantha?

Kedarkantha Trek starts from Sankri, a small village approx. 200 km away from Dehradun. From Delhi, there are several options to reach Sankri, including taking a bus or hiring a private taxi. Once in Sankri, trekkers can begin their journey to the summit of Kedarkantha.

Here are the available options:

By Train

The easiest way for trekkers to reach Kedarkantha from Delhi is by taking a train to Dehradun. Several trains run from Delhi to Dehradun, including the Nanda Devi AC SF Express, Mussoorie Express and Dehradun Jan Shatabdi Express. You can then take a cab or hire a private taxi from Dehradun to Sankri, the starting point for the Kedarkantha trek. If you book the trek with Advenchar, we can arrange for transportation to and from Sankri. You’ll be picked up from Dehradun ISBT and dropped off after the trek at Dehradun ISBT/Railway Station.

By Bus

Another convenient option is to take a bus from Delhi to Dehradun. Several bus operators, including Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) and Uttarakhand Transport Corporation (UTC), run regular buses from Delhi to Dehradun. They’re comfortable and affordable options for reaching Dehradun. Several private operators also operate sleeper and Volvo buses so you can have a comfortable journey and get a good night’s sleep before continuing towards Sankri.

By Air

The quickest option is to take a flight from Delhi to Dehradun airport. The airport is located just 25 km away from Dehradun city centre. Several airlines operate regular flights to Dehradun airport, including Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet and Vistara. You can easily hire a taxi from the airport or take public transportation to the main city centre before heading towards Sankri.

By Taxi or Personal Vehicle

You can hire a private taxi or drive your car from Delhi to Sankri. From Delhi to Dehradun, the distance is approximately 280 km, and it takes around 6-7 hours to reach by car. From Dehradun, it’s another 200 km to reach Sankri, taking around 9-10 hours. The drive is through winding mountain roads, and the journey can be tiring, so it’s best to break up the trip with a stop in Dehradun. You can also hire a private taxi for the entire journey from Delhi to Sankri.

How to Reach from Dehradun to Sankri?

Sankri is located in Uttarkashi district, approx. 200 km away from Dehradun city centre. There are several options for travelling from Dehradun to Sankri, including public or private transportation.

By Bus

There is only one direct bus from Dehradun to Sankri, operated by the Uttarakhand Transport Corporation (UTC). The bus leaves Dehradun ISBT at 5:30 AM and takes around 9-10 hours to reach Sankri. The bus is ordinary and may not be comfortable for the long journey, but it is a budget-friendly option. You can also take a bus from Dehradun to Purola, a town approx. 55 km away from Sankri before taking a local taxi or jeep to reach Sankri.

By Taxi or Personal Vehicle

Hiring a private taxi or driving your car is the most convenient option for reaching Sankri from Dehradun. It takes around 8-9 hours to reach Sankri from Dehradun, and the drive is through winding mountain roads. You can also break up the journey by stopping in Purola or Mori before continuing to Sankri.

There are no trains or flights directly to Sankri. The nearest railway station is in Dehradun, and the nearest airport is in Jolly Grant, approximately 250 km from Sankri.

Whatever mode of transportation you choose, make sure to plan your trip and leave enough time for acclimatization before starting the trek. At Advenchar, we can arrange transportation to and from Sankri so that you can focus on enjoying the trek and taking in the stunning views of the Himalayas.

You can reach us at +91 8078656096 or hello@advenchar.com for more information about the Kedarkantha trek and transportation options. We look forward to guiding you on this exciting trek!

Happy trekking!

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is a beautiful and easy beginner trek.  If you're a beginner looking to start your trekking journey, this trek is perfect for you. The trek passes through Govind Vihar National Park. The summit climb is the most thrilling part of the Kedarkantha Trek.
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