10+ Best Trekking Companies In India

Over the last few years, trekking has become a very popular activity for adventure lovers. Trekking is all about exploring beautiful nature by walking through different terrains. Trekking in India offers something to fit everyone’s budget and schedule.

Whether you’re looking for a short family picnic trek or a serious mountaineering expedition, we’ve found some of the best trekking companies in India that will give you the best experience:

Best Trekking Companies In India

1. Advenchar

Advenchar is one of the best trekking companies in India. They organize treks, expeditions, and other adventure activities in the Himalayas, and other mountain ranges. It is an offbeat trekking company that focuses on nature conservation, alpine adventure, and sustainability. It is one of the most promising trekking companies in India.

Advenchar has a wide range of trekking options to choose from, catering to all kinds of trekkers – beginners, intermediates, and experts. The company also offers customized treks for families, couples, large groups, and for those who want to explore lesser-known places and trails in an alpine style. Whether you are looking for a short day-trek or an extended trek in the mountains, Advenchar is one of the best trekking companies to contact.

You can check out all the treks and expeditions here – www.advenchar.com

2. White Magic Adventure

White Magic is a mountain guiding company delivering meticulously planned, carefully curated, and safely executed adventure trips to various corners of the Himalaya and to a few of the 7 Summits (outside the Indian sub-continent).

Formed in 2010, White Magic is a mountain guiding company that specializes in providing quality customer service. They are known for their impeccable delivery standard which has allowed them to work with clients from all over the world.

3. Shikhar Travels

Shikhar is a top-rated destination management company in India. They provide comprehensive travel solutions for leisure, group, and corporate or educational purposes.

Since their beginning in 1979, they have been growing rapidly and innovating new and flexible ideas to cater to the needs of their customers–whether it’s leisure, group, corporate or educational purposes.

4. Aquaterra Adventures

Aquaterra Adventures specializes in itinerary planning throughout the Indian Himalayas and is well-known for its focus on group travel. The firm provides individualized itineraries and paths to help travelers have a wonderful and self-aware trip.

River rafting, camping, trekking, adventure camps, and other excursions are among their activities.

5. Indiahikes

India Hikes is an online platform for trekking and hiking enthusiasts in India. They provide a curated list of treks, hikes, and expeditions to suit every taste and ability level.

With detailed information on location, difficulty rating, things to do around the area like sightseeing or offbeat experiences, you can plan your next adventure with ease!

6. Thrillophilia

Thrillophilia is a Jaipur-based company that offers handcrafted activities and supplies. They provide services such as paragliding, rafting, elephant safaris, and other similar adventures. Thrillophilia ensures the safety and transparency of the experience. Thrillophilia also provides outdoor activities such as cycling and camping.

7. Bikat Adventures

Bikat Adventures is one of the leading trekking companies in India. It is based in Delhi and offers a wide range of trekking options for tourists. Some of the most popular treks offered by the company include the Rupin Pass Trek and the Hampta Pass Trek. Bikat Adventures also offers customized trekking tours for its clients. All of its trekking tours are led by experienced and qualified guides.

8. Trek The Himalayas

Trek The Himalayas is a company that specializes in organizing treks and mountaineering trips in India. They have a wealth of experience and local knowledge and are able to provide an exceptional level of service to their clients. Their team is comprised of well-trained guides and Sherpas who have a deep understanding of the Himalayas and all that it has to offer. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, Trek The Himalayas can take you where you want to go and ensure an unforgettable experience.

9. Trek Munk

Trekmunk is a trekking company that was founded by three friends who were looking to make their lives more adventurous. The company offers trekking experiences in some of the most challenging destinations in India, including Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal. Trekmunk hosts treks throughout the year, catering to all types of trekkers – from experienced mountaineers to those who are just looking for a weekend getaway.

10. Trek Veda

Trekveda is a travel company that was founded in 2017. The company specializes in trekking and provides services to more than 1 lakh customers. Trekveda is dedicated to preserving the environment and has initiated the “Mero Pahad Campaign” to raise awareness about the need to protect nature. The company is affiliated with Uttarakhand Tourism and has expanded its services to include travel worldwide. Trekveda’s tagline is “Your Travel Saathi” which emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction.

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    मैं हिमालय ट्रेक करना चाहता हू . मैने महाराष्ट्र में सह्याद्री पर्वत में ट्रेक किये है. (Translation: I want to trek in the Himalayas. I have trekked in Sahyadri Mountains in Maharashtra)

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