The Science and Prevention of Altitude Sickness
Altitude sickness, also known as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), is a condition that can affect anyone who ascends too quickly to high elevations where the air is thin. It is a common condition among trekkers, hikers, travelers, and mountain climbers who venture above 8,000 feet (2,500 meters).
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How To Prepare For Your First Trek
This blog will provide step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for your first trek, including what equipment is essential, nutritional advice, and more.
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Chadar Trek - Advenchar - How To Prepare For Chadar Trek?
Get expert tips on how to prepare for Chadar Trek, the unique and adventurous experience of trekking on a frozen river in Ladakh.
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Things To Carry While Trekking In Winter
Planning a Kedarkantha trek and not sure what to pack? Here's a comprehensive list of all the things to carry for Kedarkantha Trek.
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5 Reasons Why Cycling Can Help You Prepare for A Long Trek
If you're planning on embarking on a long trek, here are 5 reasons why cycling can help you prepare for a long trek.
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This is guide for things to carry on a Himalayan Trek. Knowing what to pack on a trek is a skill.
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How to Pack a Backpack for Trekking: The Ultimate Guide
What’s worse than going to an incredibly beautiful place and not being able to enjoy it to its full potential?  That’s exactly why we’re here - to help you avoid rookie mistakes.  Trekking can be as simple as putting one foot in front of the other if you follow these pointers to help you prepare...
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Gaiters & Crampons
Trekking in winter is a special treat for those who seek adventure. It can be a lot of fun and much less crowded than during the summer months. Everyone should, however, consider how to prepare for your trek. Things to carry while trekking in winter include: 1. Layers of Clothing In winter, it can get...
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How To Prepare For A Trek Ultimate 5 Pointers
What’s worse than going to an incredibly beautiful place and not being able to enjoy it to its full potential? Here is how to prepare for a trek before heading out to the mountains!
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