10 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Visit Ladakh This Summer

Are you looking for an adventure this summer? Ladakh is the perfect place to explore! From the beautiful monasteries and mountains to the delicious food and friendly locals. There’s so much to see and do in Ladakh; here are ten reasons why you should visit Ladakh now:

1. The Mountains

10 reasons why you should visit Ladakh this summer (2)

With some of the highest mountain ranges in the world, there is no shortage of mountains to climb or trails to hike. While it can be a challenge (especially if you’re not used to high altitude), there’s nothing quite like standing on top of one of these massive peaks as far as your eyes can see! Whether it’s climbing Stok Kangri at 19,900 feet or trekking in Sham Valley. There’s something for everyone.

2. The Monasteries

Ladakh is home to some of the world’s most visually striking gompas (Buddhist monasteries). Spend an afternoon exploring these peaceful havens, learning about Buddhism along the way from friendly monks and nuns eager to share their knowledge. Our favourites include Spituk and Thiksey gompas and Hemis and Alchi Choskor monasteries.

10 reasons why you should visit Ladakh this summer

3. The Food

Ladakh is not short on international cuisine, but its real gem is Ladakhi food – hearty dishes made from fresh vegetables and spices! Potato cheese curry, chilgoza curry, yak meat, apricot cereal and home-brewed beer are some of the local delicacies you simply must try.

4. The Scenery

With views like these, how can you not visit Ladakh? With its barren landscape and peaceful monasteries, Ladakh is a photographer’s dream. You’ll find yourself stopping every 5 minutes to take out your camera and capture the next gorgeous scene that unfolds in front of you. Spend your days hiking through ancient oasis villages along the Indus valley or wake up early one morning to watch the sunrise over the Stok Kangri mountain range – it doesn’t get more magical than this!

5. The People

Ladakhi people are some of the friendliest we’ve ever met anywhere in India. They’re known for their resilience and warmth despite all the adversities they’ve had to endure. Spend a day in Leh, and you’ll understand why it’s a place everyone falls in love with – the locals are always eager to share a cup of tea or invite you into their home for a traditional Ladakhi meal!

10 reasons why you should visit Ladakh this summer

6. The Festivals

Ladakh is famous for its colourful festivals, celebrating everything from harvest season to religious holidays. These celebrations happen all over the region but tend to be most vibrant in Leh, where you can meet people from across Ladakh. If you’re lucky enough, you might even get invited into someone’s house to sample some local cuisine and participate in their celebrations!

7. The Nightlife

While we usually prefer spending our evenings watching the stars and shooting the breeze, sometimes you just have to go out and have some fun! When you visit Ladakh, you’ll find everything from traditional Ladakhi nightclubs playing upbeat Ladakhi music to laid-back lounges playing acoustic covers of Western hits.

8. The Adventure

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Ladakh is perfect for all kinds of adventure sports. From paragliding, rock climbing and mountain biking to camping. There’s no shortage of adrenaline here.

9. The Modern Luxury

As an increasingly popular destination for international tourists, Ladakh has transformed itself into a haven for luxury travellers and backpackers! Stunning high-end resorts offer 5-star comforts in even the most remote parts of the region; meanwhile, homestays with locals provide budget-friendly accommodation without sacrificing comfort or convenience. It’s pretty simply two worlds colliding… modernity with traditional culture!

10. Snow Leopard Trekking

10 reasons why you should visit Ladakh this summer

If you’re really serious about exploring Ladakh (and seeing some snow leopards along the way), then sign up for an organised trekking trip because that’s where you’re most likely to see them! There are plenty of camps in Hemis National Park where you’ll have the opportunity to spot these elusive creatures, so don’t miss out.

Ladakh is a gem of the Himalayas. You can go to experience its beauty, explore on your own, or take one of our guided tours. You should visit Ladakh for many reasons, and we’ve only been able to scratch the surface in this blog post.

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If you want more information about places to visit in Leh Ladakh, things to do or other insights into this amazing region, please let us know by commenting below! We would love to have more conversations with people who enjoy travel as much as we do!

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