How to Pack a Backpack for Trekking

Packing for a trek is not as easy as it seems. You need to make sure that you have enough clothes, food and equipment, but how do you store them all in your backpack?

In this blog post, we will talk about how to pack a backpack for the ultimate trekking experience!

1. Start with a sturdy backpack

Before you can even start packing, make sure that your backpack is up to the task.

The best backpacks for trekking are sturdy and made out of breathable material. Most of the people in India use Quechua and Wildcraft backpacks. Some experienced trekkers use brands such as Osprey or Deuter packs.

How To Pack A Backpack

Choose a durable bag that will be able to carry all of the necessary gear, but also be comfortable.

2. Pack the bulky items like a sleeping bag at the bottom of your backpack

The best way to pack a backpack is to start by putting the bulkiest items at the bottom of your bag.

Some people confuse bulky with heavy. Bulky items are things such as your sleeping bag, jackets, and sweaters. The heavy items are your tent, food supply, and large equipment.

The bulky items go at the bottom. If you put heavy items at the bottom, they will drag you down once you carry your backpack.

When packing a backpack for trekking, it is important to put heavy items close to your back. When you carry them, they will not be too heavy or uncomfortable. Pack these things as tightly together as you can, so that they don’t shift around when you are trekking uphill or downhill. Again, these could include tents, food and other large equipment.

Some backpacks have a special compartment at the bottom of the backpack to make everything easily accessible.

3. Add clothes next, followed by toiletries, snacks, and electronics.

The next items you will want to pack are your clothes. Make sure you roll up your clothes tightly before packing it so that it takes up less space inside your backpack. You will want to pack your clothes in a dry bag, so that if it rains they are protected from getting wet.

After you have packed all of the necessary clothes for your trek, fill up any remaining space with toiletries and snacks. When packing these items make sure to place them securely.

4. Keep Medical Kit, Energy Bars, and Rain Gear at the Top

The last things to pack are the items that you need easy access to. These include your medical kit, energy bars and rain gear.

When packing these items it is important to keep them in an easily accessible location, such as at the top of your backpack. When you have a medical emergency or suddenly rain starts pouring it, having these items in an easy-to-reach spot can make your day, and sometimes in extreme situations even save your life.

5. Fasten all the straps and close any open pockets

You need to fasten all the buckles and tighten the side straps before you carry your backpack so as to avoid anything from spilling out while you’re trekking.

After putting on your backpack, tighten your waist and chest strap.

How To Pack A Backpack
ABCDE’s of Backpacking – How To Pack Your Backpack


You need to keep some things such as water, medical kit, rain gear and extra clothing in the outer pockets so you can access them easily.

In most backpacks, there are side pockets to keep water bottles, and top pockets to keep such items easily accessible while you’re trekking.


While packing your backpack, you need to make sure that the right and left side of your backpack is perfectly balanced.

If the balance is off, it will make you walk awkwardly and cause unnecessary strain on your back and shoulders.

The best way to check if your backpack is balanced is to keep it on level ground and check if it leans towards one side or falls. If you have followed this guide, it should be upright and perfect.

How To Pack A Backpack


A compression sack is an important item to put in your backpack when you go hiking.

It helps items stay still so they won’t move while you’re trekking and it also gives more space inside the bag.

If you roll your clothes, then you can fit more in your backpack.


When packing a backpack for trekking, it is important to keep everything dry and protected from the elements such as rain.

If your backpack gets wet, it can ruin your whole trekking experience.

The best way to do that is to get a rain cover for your bag.

Everything Inside

While you’re trekking, it’s best to keep everything inside the backpack rather than having anything hang out or dangle. This can make you or your trekking mates uncomfortable while you’re trekking.

You can also avoid your backpack from getting stuck in trees, and stems on narrow trails.

If you’ve packed everything as suggested, your backpack should have enough space inside for everything you need for going on a trek.

Important Tips How To Pack Your Backpack

  • Pack Light: If you pack light, it is easier to trek and enjoy your journey. Avoid packing perfumes, and other unnecessary items that you don’t really need.
  • Pack according to the weather: It is really important to pack according to the weather. Make sure to do a little research about the weather on the trek before you pack. For example, if you’re going somewhere where there will be snow, it helps to carry an extra warm jacket. If it’s monsoon season, make sure to pack good rain gear.
  • Make a list: Make a list of all the things you need and cross them off as you pack. This way, if you forget something it will be easy to see what’s missing. In mountains, even a little thing can make a lot of difference.

If you need a basic packing list, click here.

You can adjust the list according to the season and the trek.

How to Pack a Backpack for Trekking: The Ultimate Guide

Now you know how to pack a backpack! This is the ultimate guide for a successful trek. How you pack your backpack can make or break your trek. Make sure that you invest in a good backpack and trekking gear before you start. Remember to follow the ABCDE’s of Backpacking. It can be really helpful in the long run.

Tell us about your experience packing a backpack in the comments below!

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