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Swena Kalra



Swena Kalra, the founder of Advenchar, is a passionate entrepreneur who’s made waves in the outdoors and sustainability sector. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a knack for understanding people, Swena is more than a businesswoman – she’s an avid traveler, pet lover, and writer. Her journey began in college with her first trekking experience, leading her to train in mountaineering and skiing, and igniting an unwavering passion for the outdoors. Swena’s enthusiasm didn’t stop there – she used her knowledge and skills as a trek leader, inspiring others to embrace the thrill of adventure.

The culmination of her experience and passion is Advenchar, a venture that encourages people to explore, appreciate, and preserve nature. Swena has shown particular dedication to empowering women in outdoor pursuits by organizing special women-only batches, reinforcing Advenchar’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Her vision goes beyond creating memorable adventures, aiming to foster a lasting love for the environment and sustainability among Advenchar’s travelers.

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