Brahmatal Trek vs Kedarkantha Trek – Which Trek Is Better?

Kedarkantha and Brahmatal are two of the most amazing winter treks in India! If you’re here, you must be wondering which of them is better. Well, here goes Brahmatal Trek vs Kedarkantha Trek…

Before we start with the details, here is some basic information about each trek

Trek Details Brahmatal Trek Kedarkantha Trek
Duration 6 Days 5 Days
Altitude 12,500 ft. 11,580 ft.
Difficulty Easy Easy
Starting Point Lohajung, Uttarakhand Sankri, Uttarakhand
Best Season Winter Winter

Yes, they’re both pretty similar.

But here are some of the differences between Brahmatal Trek and Kedarkantha Trek which may help you choose:

1. The Crowd

Kedarkantha is a popular trek. Now, I’m not saying that Brahmatal Trek is not popular. It’s just not as popular as Kedarkantha Trek. Brahmatal Trek is still a RELATIVELY new trek.

So, the amount of crowd on the Kedarkantha trail is still more, especially during the winter season.

I won’t say that you can go in any other season to avoid the crowd because that will not do you justice. So, all you can do is take the next best alternative. In this case, Brahmatal Trek.

2. Which one is better in terms of views?

How about you decide for yourself?

These are some images from the Kedarkantha Trail. It’s a winter haven, isn’t it?

Now, for Brahmatal…

What? Now you’re even more confused? Worry not! I’m not done yet

3. Cost

I know cost is a major deciding factor for most people. So, if you want to go cheap, choose Kedarkantha Trek. On average, you can save 2000/- to 3000/- if you choose to do the Kedarkantha Trek.

There are some groups that will take your booking for as low as 4000/- for the whole trek but don’t get scammed!

Your safety should be your number one priority wherever you go. Especially in the mountains where there is a risk of altitude sickness. You don’t want your first trek to be your last trek.

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Conclusion to Brahmatal Trek vs Kedarkantha Trek

Coming to my opinion of both the treks, I found Kedarkantha Trek to be better in terms of the summit views. There is a thrill of trekking in the night with your head torches on and looking forward to those first rays of sunlight in the bitter cold.  It’s a surreal experience.

On the other hand, you may have people overtaking you on the narrow trail, blasting loud music. It’s a very contrasting scenario. Peaceful mountains and the same loud people!

Whereas Brahmatal Trek has pretty forest covers. Not one, but two lakes! Bekaltal Lake and Brahmatal Lake, and the majestic views of Mt. Trishul, and Mt. Nanda Ghunti.

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In conclusion, if you simply want some peace and want to avoid excessive crowds, go for Brahmatal Trek. But if you can handle the crowd, go for Kedarkantha Trek.

If you could go only do one of these treks in your lifetime – go for Kedarkantha Trek. It’s worth it.

I hope this has helped you in one way or another to make up your mind. If not, ask more questions in the comments.

Are you confused about any other trek? Comment below!

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